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23 August 2010

A Lovely Award

Good morning. Well what a lovely surprise to find I have been given an award from Helen - thank you so much!

However, there are 5 rules that go with receiving this award:-

1. Thank the person who gave it to you - done as above!

2. Copy and display the award on your blog - done as above!

3. List 3 things about yourself ... so here goes ....

  • For my sins, I love decorating and DIY (yes I know!) but I get so much satisfaction from the end result
  • I am highly organised ... I hate mess and everything has to be just right, even my wardrobe is colour co-ordinated and my CDs in alphabetical order .... much to the annoyance of all my family and friends LOL
  • When my children have grown up I would like to relocate to Cornwall to be by the sea air and countryside

4. Post a picture that you love - this is me and Mark on our first holiday together in Tenerife back in April 2005!

5. Tag 5 people I would like to pass this award onto. This was a hard decision, as there are just so many of you, but have decided to pass it onto my regular commenters, some of which have become very good friends over the last 6 months and whose work inspires me. So here we go, a BIG thank you to you all:-

Have a fabulous day!


  1. oooh Claire well done on your award, its a pretty one isnt it!

    Thank you SO much for passing it onto me, I love commenting on your blog and I love the banter that goes between us!

    I'll nab that award and then go and think who I can pass it to, that is the worst bit isnt it!

    Love the smashing photo of you both on holiday, what a good looking couple you make!

    Keryn x

  2. Hi Claire,
    Thank you so much for giving me this award you were deservedly given. I'll post it tomorrow.
    Fiona x

  3. Hey hun, what a beautiful of you and the other half!!!. I must say you sound like me on the organisation front!! i always say that i have OCD and have to clean everything etc! oh well never min. Big hugs to you, love Clare xxx

  4. Oh, Claire...thank you so much! What an honor to get such a lovely award! You are so kind and I really enjoy coming over to your blog to visit! There is no shortage of creative energy here! Thanks again...Andrea :D

  5. Hiya Claire
    Sorry to have taken sooooooo long to thank you for this lovely award - as you know I have been away and it has taken me an age to get on top of things since getting home!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me - I really appreciate it!
    Off to send a more detailed e-mail now and then have abig catch up on your work.
    Take care
    Debs xx


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