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22 September 2010


Well hello and welcome to another WOYWW (that week seemed to pass by very quickly!). Well my desk is looking so much more tidier this week, in fact my whole craft room is!

Not much at all going on, other than working on some Christmas card orders for a friend.

All tidy this side of the desk too! I'm going into hospital Friday for an operation, so the tidy craft room is to ensure that everything can be located easily for me or my other half to find when I'm out and up to crafting!

Even all my drawers are tidy! So as there is little else I'm afraid other than a piccie from my french doors in the craft room onto the newly finished garden!

Thanks for popping in today - sorry there is little happening this week, but I look forward to taking a peek into your craft rooms too.

Have a great day!


  1. lovely lovely Christmas card and work area thanks for sharing with us today - lv Liz (24)

  2. Very tidy! I do hope you feel better soon after your op so you can enjoy your crafting. xx Leo

  3. Hi Claire,
    Too tidy by half. I find that if I tidy up my desk up my mojo suffers so I don't bother very often Lol.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Fiona x

  4. I can tell you work at a school Claire! It is all so very neat and tidy and I am soooo envious! It looks stunningly organised!

    Those xmas cards look gorgeous too!

    Keryn x

  5. Sweet! I love your organization! My mojo soars when I have a tidy workspace :D

  6. Tidy is good & Card looks adorable.

    S #99 WOYWW

  7. Hi ya
    lovely tidy desk,luv the teddy,great storage,have a great day. happy WOYWW,sue,x (3)

  8. Your craft room looks great, really well organised - should pay dividends when you are recovering from the operation. Hope it all goes well and you are on the mend soon.

  9. sorry to hear you are going to be having surgery x
    garden looks lovely, seems odd seeing our tree from your side !!
    Sheena x

  10. Ooo love your storage! Hope all goes well and you get better soon. Kim

  11. Love the storage, and what a lovely peak out into your garden! (19)

  12. I hope your surgery goes well.

    Love your room and am very jealous of your lovely garden.

    Sarah (57)

  13. Really great craft room. Sweet little garden pathway. You will be up and about faster then ou think after your op. Thinking of you. #98

  14. Cute Christmas card and wonderful, tidy space. Best wishes for your operation. Happy WOYWW - Carola, 92

  15. Nice crafting space and sooooo tidy. I could sort that out for you!
    JoZarty x (52)

  16. Hey Claire, thanks for your lovely comments on my page. In answer to your question - the jars I use for my ribbons are from Ikea (surprise) and are called Slom, they come in 3 sizes :-)

    Hope all goes with your operation - we'll understand if you don't post your link next week.

    Love Ciara

  17. Love all the little baskets and drawers. Very tidy!!
    Have fun
    Sue xx 8

  18. Very tidy Claire, I've over spilled into the lounge tonight :) Your garden looks lovely.

  19. oh lovely and tidy hun my type of crafter lol could not play this week but hopefully back next week hugs cheryl xxx

  20. aw, your card is sooo sweet! Lovely crafty space you have! Have a Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) #40

  21. Lovely cards in the making. Good luck with the op on Friday. Hope you are back crafting very soon after.
    A x

  22. Hope the op goes well Claire and you're soon back on your feet and crafting again. Lovely tidy craft room you've got there and the garden looks great too.

    Brenda (88)

  23. Wow Claire. By now I suspect you are preparing for your operation. I hope by the time you read this, it was a success. I love tidy rooms, tidy drawers, but I especially LOVE that gorgeous garden. Your grass is so green and lovely, and the plants look so beautiful and healthy. Get better soon (#2).

  24. Such a lovely fresh garden. Wish mine looked like that - sadly we are part way through a large extension so the back of the house is a huge building site!

  25. Must be lovely in the warmer months to have your French doors open while you're crafting - it looks really lovely!

    Hope your operation goes well xx

    Sherry (103)

  26. Have you got the tidy fairy trapped in your house? Your space looks great, a sight for the sore eyes I get when looking at my space! By now your Op is over as I'm late, nevertheless, hope it went well and that your recovery is fast and easy.

  27. Gorgeous card and what a beautiful garden.

    A.xx (38)


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