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28 October 2010

Teddy With A Heart & Hospital Update!

Evening all - well I went to the hospital and I am now a little deflated as they told me what the surgeon had done to my knee!  Basically the problem is behind my kneecap - on a scale of 0 - 4 with 4 being severe - mine was severe and the wear and tear was that bad that it has eroded everything to the bone, which now explains why I was having the problems I was having.  So they have cut and snipped and tidied it up and given it a clean, but I've been told that I have to be really careful now. 

In respect of stairs, 2 flights is my maximum at anyone time and stairs will now always be a problem, in relation to exercise, I am not to squat and walking, bike riding or cross trainer has to be low impact and should I experience any shooting pains or I get any pain I am to stop immediately and rest and if necessary take anti-inflamatory tablets!!  So basically my leg is "vintage" as he called it and I'm still relatively young (if you can call 40 young LOL) and is totally knackered.  I am to get in touch straight away should it get worse in the future.  He also told me this is why my recovery was a slow one, because of what they had done.  It could take up to 3 months before I get full movement back.  So obviously this appointment cheered me up no end NOT!

Anyways onto a lighter note - here's a card I made earlier today.

I'm entering this card into the following challenges:-
Card Ingredients:-
  • Forever Friends Stick Ons
  • Card from Stash using Sizzix Hearts Texture Plate
  • Ribbon from Stash
  • PM Gems
  • PM Creative Tones Paper (Ivory Black)
Thanks for popping in - enjoy your evening.


  1. Hi Claire
    god that sounds painful you will have to take it easy, but at least now you know what it is, a beautiful card love FF bears lovely embossed background.
    Take care
    Chris x

  2. ouch, sounds like you have a tough time ahead. hope all goes well and at least crafting helps take your mind off things! love the FF card very cute. x

  3. Hi Claire,
    What a fabulous card. Beautiful colours and a terrific image. I love it.
    I am so sorry to hear about your knee.It sounds as though it's pretty painful and a longer term problem. I let William have a read at your post. He refuses to put Medics on a pedastal. I've had a lot of spinal and knee surgery and I'm not much better. He says we can't expect the average doctor to be any better at his job than the average plumber is at his. Hopefully you have now got a hold of a good one now. Stay positive.
    Thinking of you,
    Special Hugs,
    Fiona x

  4. Hiya hun
    So sorry to hear your news about your knee - try and keep your chin up chick and hope that it will get stronger over time.
    Now as for your card - FF is so adorable and this one is especially cute.
    Have a great evening.
    Take care
    Debs xx

  5. Shame about your knee, too many high kicks in your youth? Would swimming be good for you, that's generally low impact? Take care, and no sprinting up the stairs x

  6. Sorry to hear that Claire, hope you don't have too many problems with your recovery hun. I prescribe wine and chocolate to cheer you up! Super sweet card, love the embossing and cute bear :o) Lisa x

  7. Sorry to hear about your knee Claire...but at least you can craft safely until you regain full movement! ;0)
    Sucha a sweet card!
    Thanks for joining us at Just Cute Bears & Friends!
    Helen x

  8. What a lovely card you've made with that sweet FF image. Love your take on Helen's sketch. Thanks for joining us at Just Cute Bears & Friends.

    Hope you make a good recovery from your op.

    Kat x

  9. Ouch poor you! That sounds painful. At least crafting is low inpact, on you knees at any rate, your purse might not agree though.
    Take care & gently does it.
    Love your card, you just can't beat a cute bear.
    Kaz xx

  10. Listen chook, your knee may well feel and act a bit of a vintage old thing but theres nothing old about the rest of you thats for sure!!
    Stubborn old knee, Im sure by xmas it will be behaving itself alot better than it has been of late!
    Lets face it, if it doesnt behave you could always threaten it with a 21st century metal replacement!! Then it will be sorry!

    Seriously, its no wonder your recovery has been steady with the amount of clipping and hoovering that he'd done in there. Im sure a little fewer flights of stairs wont do you any harm in the meantime but you're SO lucky girl as youve been told by the Dr: no more aerobics, cycling, marathons etc etc, see, there is ALWAYS a silver lining Claire!! :o

    Stunning card, I simply love all things FF!

    Keryn x

  11. aww so sorry to hear you're still having trouble with your knee :( Cute card though! Hope you're doing well otherwise xoxoxoxoxo

  12. So sorry about your knee, Claire! For the record, I don't think that 40 is old, as I am approaching that milestone way too fast! Hope your knee cooperates and feels beter for ya! Guess you'll have to sit at your craft table more to take the stress off the knee. Oh, darn.
    Anyway, your card is lovely, a great anniversary remembrance. Love the colors and that cute bear sentiment.
    Take care!

  13. What a gorgeous card! Love your embossing!
    Thanks so much for joining us at The Creative Cottage Love Becky xx

  14. Hi Claire x Hope your feeling better real your card xx
    Hugs Debbie xx

  15. Sorry to hear about your knee Claire, sounds like your having a rough old time at the mo. hope your recovery goes well and try and take it easy. your card is so lovely, love the embossing and the bling.

    Donna x

  16. Gorgeous card Claire, so sweet.
    Sorry your news wasn't better hun, that sounds really painful, and I know how you feel with being so young, yes young lol, I was written off by the surgeons a couple of years after being in a car accident as nothing they can do will stop my shoulder dislocating, you've got to look on the bright side hun more time to play :)
    Keep your chin up and take it easy
    hugs Mandy xx

  17. Really sweet card, thank you for joining us at Just Cute Bears & Friends.

    I hope things with your knee improve. I sought of know how you feel as my spine isn't in great shape and I'm only 32!
    Sarah xx :0)

  18. Sorry to hear about your knee, but hopefully knowing what to expect will help. Your card is very cute. Take care.

  19. Adoreable card Claire. Don't take everything your surgeon has said to heart just be sensible and go easy initially then hopefully your recovery will be better than he has said .I have seen play it save so often.

  20. ouch that doesn't sound good :-( no wonder you've been in so much pain. Sending you a hug x x

  21. what a cute card! thanks for joining in with us on the Just Cute Bears challenge.
    hugs, annie x


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