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22 November 2010

So Very Angry With Royal Mail!!!

Hello ... I have just received the following in the post this morning and am absolutely outraged at my findings.  Its what was an A5 envelope which has been ripped open to only leave a square - not even the stamp or postmark is showing, so I can't even trace where it has come from and the contents have been removed.  It was in one of Royal Mail's envelopes stating "their sincere apologies".

This post is to basically find out who sent it ... so if the writing is yours please can you get in touch a s a p - my concern is if there was anything in it other than a card? I will be completing a compensation form anyway, but the more evidence I have the better. I am so angry I can't begin to tell you - its obviously an internal job!


  1. Wow that is more than a little frustrating Claire!! I'm sorry I can't help you cause I didn't send it, but I can just imagine how you feel!! Greetz, Frea

  2. Check with Clare as it looks like her writing? Think she was hoping to get a card to you??

    Cant be 100% but worth a check?

    K xx

  3. Argh...sorry to hear that! Please check out my blog though for a special award! :)

  4. Oh I too would be livid Claire - an apology really just doesn't do it!!
    Hope you find out soon what/who it was from.
    Debs xx

  5. Have had a fair few of these 'apology' envelopes myself....know just how you are feeling....hope you manage to trace it.

  6. Aaarrhhhh so blooming frustrating....hope you manage to trace the sender.
    Hugs Emma x

  7. grrrr that stinks!! Wasn't me, though I just sent you a card this morning!! xx

  8. I feel for you Claire - We have been having issues with the post for a while! on a regular basis. A friend sent a few parcels out on a Fri, everyone else in the country got theirs on Sat (first class large letter stamp) mine finally arrived on Tues!! Our post doesn't arrive until about 3pm normally - they deliver other peoples post to us, different name address & postcode! not once but multiple times (same letter!) even with a note on the envelope saying so! have now resorted to red pen teacher style!! Next doors post was left on the loo in our outside loo ............... signed for letter just posted through without signature aquired .......................... parcels not turning up........................ the list goes on .............. & on .........

    Hope your investigations bear fruit.

    Hugs Rachelxx


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