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15 January 2011

Stylish Award

Well my lovely blogger friend Keryn decided to present me with a Stylish Blogger Award!  How lovely is that?

And now I have accepted it, I have to tell you 8 (YES 8!!!) things about myself ..... so here goes.  Hopefully I haven't duplicated anything I've said before:-
  • I met my partner Mark through Dating Direct!
  • I have always wanted a dog .... still waiting
  • I am terrified of flying and would prefer to drive everywhere even though flying is supposed to be safer!
  • When I was 3 I ran through a glass front door and only had to have 1 stitch in my thumb!
  • I love crafting and blogging - it's my me time
  • I love to paint .... it's so therapeutic
  • I would love to have my own craft shop and be my own boss
  • I have the longest engagement ever .... Keryn will know what I mean LOL
So now I have shared my 8 random things with you, its time to pass this onto 5 other people and I have chosen the following:-
  • Em whose blog is fantastic and whose work always inspires me
  • Vicky Whose cards are amazing and always leaves me such lovely comments
  • Kelli An amazing person with a sense of humour and a great friend who is always in touch with me on Facebook too! LOL
  • Marie A fellow DT member who has a fab blog and leaves me lovely comments
  • Debs A very caring and lovely lady who produces amazing and inspiring work and has a fabulous blog and is a lovely friend
Personally I would have loved to give this to so many more of you (maybe next time hey?).

Thanks for popping in and staying - join me tomorrow for my DT card with Sunday Sketch & Stamp


  1. Awwww, thanks Claire - that's lovely. Right back at ya, hun!! So - you met Mark through DD did you?? My friend met her partner through and my son's always trying to get me on online dating (he's only 10, isn't he!!?!) but I can't imagine anyone would want my twig-like scarred body - LOL!!! Guess I've gotta think of 8 random things to share with everyone now!! Hugs, Marie xx

  2. Well done Claire, just had to call in to read your 8, loved them!

    I love the idea of Pay it Forward but too nervous as to what to make! Am sure you'll be inundated with offers!

    Im sure I put my entry in for your candy but I cant see it now. I dont want to do it twice and look cheeky!! I'll recheck it tomorrow!

    Keryn x

  3. Hiya C;laire
    Thank you so much for the very kind words and this stylish award - I really appreciate them - even if the words nearly brought a tear to my eye!
    Just how long have you and Mark been engaged???!!!!
    I guess I need to go away and think about 8 random things peeps might be interested to know about me lol!!!
    Have a wonderful day.
    Will check back later to see your DT card.
    Take care
    Debs xx

  4. Hiya Claire!

    Thanks hun!, I really appreciate your lovely comments on my blog too :o)
    Now I have to put my thinking cap on lol!
    Wow, the longest engagement then?? you must give us some clues sweetie so we can all have a guess hehehe.
    Must admit I hate flying too, normally have to have a few Vodkas to get me on a plane (well, that's my excuse anyway lol!!)
    Anyway, a big thank you again hun and your blog is amazing!!

    Mega hugs Vicky xx

    Hugs Vicky xx

  5. Awe Claire you likkle cutie, so honoured that you thought of me (blush) such lovely praise too - your one in a million and quite possibly a secret superhero - I mean who manages to get through a glass door with just a scratch!
    Love your blog and crafting as always,
    hugs n stuff,

  6. awww, so sweet!!! Thanks so much hun xoxoxoxo


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