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27 March 2011

Is anyone having blogger problems?

Morning, I had 3 posts scheduled for this morning.  When I drafted them all yesterday and scheduled them, everything was fine and all pics were showing.  This morning has turned into a nightmare and the posts published but none of the photos did - all I was left with was a small red box where the image should have been - yet when I looked at the html, all was correct and in place??

I have deleted one of the posts and started again, uploaded the photos, all in place until suddenly they are disappeared again ... it's driving me nuts, I am very frustrated and can't figure out why suddenly I have problems.  Can anyone out there help before this laptop finds itself on the other side of the room!?

Thank you!

Claire xx


  1. Hi Claire,
    Can't help you with this problem,but I think sometimes you can't see the pics on your blog but others can when they come...I had a similar one last week were my post didn't publish and yet I did the same thing as always.Hope you get sorted...
    Mandy x

  2. I couldn't see them clue why, my post did fine just now!! It wasn't a scheduled post, but you said you tried to re-post, so ????? Sorry, hope you figure it out! xoxo

  3. I can't help hun, but hope you get it sorted soon! Lisa x

  4. I have this problem on and off. I always go back into the post and reload the photo and it seems to come back ok. frustrating though!

  5. Hey,
    I was having the same problem at the same time. I'm sure it was blogger. Nothing you can do except edit your post to add the picture after blogger stops being funky ;) but you're right, it was so frustrating!


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