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20 July 2011

Year 6 Leaver's Party

No card just some pictures I thought I would share with you of my Daughter Meg's Year 6 Leaver's Party.

I actually do feel quite emotional today - I have her Leaver's Assembly tomorrow morning, so no doubt things will only go downhill from then on!


  1. Blimey.. only Year 6? She looks much older and is no doubt going to break many hearts! Such a beautiful girl you have there...

    Jo xx

  2. what a pretty girl.. she looks lovely
    Lisa x

  3. She is gorgeous Claire...!

    hugs Vicky xx

  4. What a beautiful girl. No wonder you are so proud of her. For future reference, my son starts high school in August ... not bad looking, very clever, nice manners ... just a thought!! xx

  5. Oh she does look pretty Claire.
    Teresa xx

  6. Hi what a cool bunch of young people. Your daughter looks so lovely. Even though its tearful its a great memory they grow up too fast lol ! Kitty ;0)

  7. Your daughter looks beautiful Claire, inside and out. The years go so quickly it doesn't seem two minutes since mine were like this

    Hugs Laurie x

  8. What a lovely picture Claire - they grow up so quickly! Jill x

  9. Oh isnt she beautiful Claire! Her hair is just gorgeous and I just love the soft curls! My youngest has the same hair, not that you'd know thanks to GHD's :(

    Ive sat and tried to figure that it must mean she has just left Middle school (as it was in my day!)? OMG they all look so much older these days! Well there's no hope for us real oldies then!! lol!

    Gorgeous photos Claire, thanks for sharing!
    Keryn x

  10. Oh Claire, your daughter is a right wee stunner! Isn't it hilarious how all the girls look so grown up and the boys all look like 'wee boys'!!


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