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7 September 2011

All In Green!

My Daughter Meg's started her new Secondary School yesterday, so I thought I would pop on a couple of pics as I didn't get chance last night.  

Can't believe how grown up she looks.

She came home yesterday absolutely full of it, telling me all about her day and how much she loved it - let's hope it lasts and the novelty doesn't wear off! LOL.


  1. Ah! Bless her, she does look happy. As you said, lets hope it lasts!! My eldest granddaughter phoned me last night - she was chuffed to bits to have been voted onto the school council - she's only 10, and I think it'll do her confidence a world of good.


    Judi xx

  2. Fab pics Claire and lovely to hear Meg's enjoyed school.
    Hugs Emma x

  3. What lovely photos Claire. So glad Meg enjoyed school and she looks so smart in her uniform
    Claire xx

  4. Gorgeous pics Claire....and I'm so pleased your Meg enjoyed her first day at her new school hun...

    have a lovely evening...big hugs Vicky xx

  5. Lovely photos Claire, glad she enjoyed it so far, it can be daunting. Long may it continue! x

  6. Hi Claire,
    I'm with you how quickly they grow up,I can remember taking the same pics of my daughter and it only seems like yesterday and she went into year 11 today and tells me only 31 weeks till she leaves...Where have the years gone...
    Mandy x

  7. Your daughter looks lovely in her school uniform, and my they do grow up quickly, seems days since mine were at school - where did the years go!

    Hugs Laurie x

  8. Glad Megs enjoyed her first day, she looks very smart in her uniform :o) Lisa x

  9. Ah Claire, Megs looks lovely and so happy. You and I shall blink and they will be leaving school and getting ready for their prom next lol! Great photo, hugs Heidi x

  10. So glad your daughter enjoyed her first day, she looks so smart.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  11. Oh bless her!! She looks lovely! My niece has just started her secondary school too and is liking it so far too! I'm sure the novelty will wear off like you say!! lol

  12. Lets hope she continues to like it.

    You must be really proud.

    Anne-Marie x x

  13. Hi Claire, fab pics of Megs. She looks so smart. Glad she's enjoying her new school.

    Donna x

  14. how smart on the first day, will it last ??? getting to be very grown up now lol

  15. oh hun so glad your daughter had a great day she looks so smart in her uniform hun,hugs cherylxxxxxx

  16. Your daughter is gorgeous Claire ! You must be such a proud Mum ! Hugs and love from Catherine

  17. Ooooh Claire she looks gorgeous in her new school uniform! So lovely that she thoroughly enjoyed her first day there, thats such a relief!

    Before you know it she will be passing her driving test!

    Keryn x

  18. What a lovely photo - no wonder you are so proud, Megs looks fab in her uniform. Really pleased to hear that she's enjoying high school. Gregor's been there for nearly 2 weeks now and seems to have settled in really well - thank goodness! xx

  19. She looks lovely in her smart new uniform. Glad she's enjoying it so far- long may it continue!

  20. Fantastic !!!! They all grow up so quick !!!

  21. Cute and grown up! :)

    my old school uniform was yellow and blue!... bleugh! :D




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