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28 February 2012

New Linky Follower

As you have probably heard over the last few days, the Google Friend Connect (GFC) is ending on 29th February for non-Google blog platforms like WordPress and it also seems that it will eventually be phased out completely by Google+.

 It has been on the National news about how Google will be phasing it out and will not be providing a service to move our followers, even saying the new Google+ will not be what the GFC was. GFC was never really so much an “I follow this blog” tool as it was an attempt at the whole Facebook “friend, like” concept.

It seems that followers won't be automatically moved over, so in preparation for the inevitable I have set up Linky Followers so you can still follow me, should you want to at the top of my blog.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Claire x


  1. Hi Claire,
    Where have I been,didn't know about this had seen the new linky thing popping up but didn't know what it was about....Will have to look in to it...Thanks for the info....
    Mandy x

  2. Tut!!! Why cant they just leave things alone, saying "if it aint broke, dont fix it"

    Remind me to come back later and sign up for this Claire, off to have a lovely hair cut now:)

    I then I WILL be back to work:)
    michelle x

  3. Just dropping by Claire to say have a lovely weekend..
    Mandy x


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