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29 August 2012

Can anyone help?


I am having problems uploading pictures onto Blogger - this has been happening since last night.

Can anyone give me any advice?

I have looked at the known issues, nothing - I have looked at the fixes and have done all of them.

I am using Google Chrome and have done for years and I really don't want to have to go back to IE.

It's driving me nuts - a post that should take me 5 minutes to write has now stemmed to over 30 minutes with all the faffing.

The only way I can get pictures into my posts is by copying and pasting which is time consuming.

Anyone's advice would be extremely helpful.

Thank you - off to make a cup of tea!

Claire x

Edited: I have been on the help forum and it appears since yesterday loads of people are experiencing problems - there is no current fix but if you switch to html - you can upload pictures there, although it will only let you do this one at a time!!!!


  1. Hmmmm ... I'm using Chrome too, but I'm not having any problems (I just tried to upload the picture).

    Have you tried reporting the problem to the Blogger admins (or whatever they are called)? Sorry, I have no idea what could be wrong but I hope it'll get fixed soon!

    Hugs! xx

  2. I am having the same issues. :(( Off to try it with HTLM too, Thanks Hazelxoxo

  3. Hi Claire - I've had exactly the same problem (about 2 weeks ago). It hasn't been fixed although one of my teamies at Sweet Stampin' has explained that it may be to do with the "war" going on between Google and Microsoft at the moment. Apparently if you switch to Google Chrome the problem goes away... hmmm... Anyway, I now upload my pictures to Picassa Web first. Then you can upload them onto your blog direct from Picassa. It takes a couple of minutes longer but at least you can get your piccies on your blog. Blogger would automatically store your photos on Picassa anyway, so you're only really putting them on the other way round (if you see what I mean!). Hope this helps, sweetie! Hugs, Tracey x


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